Latest Projects

Project 1

WHI Boutique Website

Clean, Simple, Complete

WHI Custom Home Builders' website was completed June 22nd, 2017. Their new look is more streamlined with a contemporary feel.

Project 2

Recipes Community

Not My Mama's Recipes

A simplified place to find and share cullinary ideas, refined recipes, and all types of food!

Project 3

Financial Analyses

My Reports On Seeking Alpha

Periodic stock and REIT analyses along with updates on financial markets.

Project 4

Business Plan Consulting

Business Plan Review & Optimization

Using research resources, background in startups, and background in finance, I can help optimize your business plan.

About Me

After four years founding RaveHealth LLC, I took to Wall Street to work at UBS. While working in Manhattan, the President of Spigot, Inc. approached me to begin working with his company. I still work with Spigot as their head of Strategic Partnerships with a new found passion for the technology universe.

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I build websites because I enjoy it. If you are in need of a website, feel free to contact me. I only am taking on single clients currently and do not desire to do more than one property at a time.

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Changing how people travel one mobile device at a time. Engineers, Developers, and Nerds alike; let's talk mobile apps.

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  • Strategic Partnerships at Spigot have grown from $0 to a $1,500,000 per year run rate business in 120 days.

    Spigot Inc
  • Familiar With: HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, SQL, Redshift, Javascript, and Python.

    My Code Languages
  • Business Degree from FGCU

    Class of 2016